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Blog Comment Policy

We love to receive readers comments and feedback. We try to foster a mutually supportive and learning experience. But there are limits the online medium must respect. Here are our rules on comments

1) NO NEGAVITY. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, and hate speech of any kind

2) OPENNESS. We seek to encourage a wide diversity of opinions where fact-based debate and discussion is expected

3) CONSTRUCTIVE. We love constructive comments, solutions and questions.

4) MANNERS. We respect each other and are careful to use polite and civil language

5) SLANG. We avoid aggressive “in your face” language, slang, bad language, expletives and trolling

6) We do not ban, mute, or delete comments unless they are sales offers, spam, porn, or hate speech.

7) No ICO/token promotions and scams will be allowed.

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