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Jack O'Sullivan

Co-founder of ZWAI and a member of An Taisce

In 1977 Jack began practicing as an environmental consultant, and was the first to become established
in Ireland. With more than 40 years experience as an Independent Professional Consultant working in
the fields of environmental and sustainability policy; environmental impact assessment; natural resources
evaluation and management, aquaculture issues; marine and freshwater pollution; oil spill contingency
planning, prevention, control, and clean-up; preparation of waste management plans; evaluation of
landfill sites; environmental and ecological planning; eco-auditing; institutional strengthening and
capacity building in relation to environmental activities, development of public participation in
environmental decision-making, and rural development issues. He has provided specialist evidence at
oral hearings and High Court cases dealing with existing and proposed landfill sites and other waste
management facilities throughout Ireland.

He remains an independent scientist, committed to the principles of scientific enquiry, sceptical of any
data which is unproven, and believing in the scientific approach to social, planning and environmental
questions. He believes that addressing climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, and
the mitigation of its effects can be resolved only by cooperation, innovation and sharing; and not if
competition, growth and consumption are allowed to proceed unchecked and unhindered.

He was involved in the initial development of the DIT college's first course on sustainability (MSc in
Sustainable Development) from the mid 1980s.

Jack O'Sullivan
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