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Zero Waste Alliance Ireland

If you are not for zero waste, then how much waste are you for?

About Our

ZWAI promotes a rethink of current discard, disposal practices and works towards a circular economy. We are engaged at national and EU level in policy initiatives and information campaigns

 Women Volunteers


Campaigning for the Circular Economy since

Awareness and Action campaigns nationally

EU, national and local submissions made.

Network of Nationwide activists

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Our Team


Our Vision

Our Work

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Help Build A Better Tomorrow!


Although a lot of our work and campaigns are done voluntarily, our impact is limited by our funding.

If you would like to help us grow our organisation and support and expand our ongoing work, you may consider making a donation.

We appreciate every single donation we receive whether it is big or small!

Your donations always go directly towards our work and helps us create real positive change.


If you are interested in organising a fundraiser, we would be delighted to hear your ideas and to brainstorm together!

You can raise funds independently, as part of a local team or with your company, school or college.

We are open to all suggestions so please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help in any way we

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