Trailer Trash hits home!

We love watching videos, especially those that teach us something. So we’re delighted to see a new ‘trailer’ released by The European Commission through their website. The new mini film promotes the message of viewing waste as a resource. It’s part of its environmental initiative – Generation Awake.

The film takes the form of a hollywood style movie trailer for ‘The Awakeners’ in which waste bin Richard Rubbish ‘suffers disrespect, until one day, he stood up’ and is helped by shopping bags Impulse Inga, Chubby Charlie and Routine Robbie. Viewers are then told to ‘join “The Awakeners” by visiting and turning their trash into a resource.’ The site has all the household waste elements familiar to us all and the cartoon style is both pleasing and easy to navigate for kids.

The Generation Awake campaign has been going since 2011 and focuses on raising awareness about resource efficiency and the circular economy. Enjoy!