Mobile Phone recycling – it’s your call

To Upgrade or not?

With the raft of new phone models hitting the streets in the coming months (e.g Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy 7 etc) have you considered maybe not rushing ahead and upgrading , as the marketing and sales folks want us to do. We are often so obsessed with the new features and fashion elements of the new model that we don’t think about our old model, it’s fate and what the impact of our choice will be on Mobile Phone recycling.

Do you really need to upgrade your phone?

Not all the new features are a ‘must have’  for you when you analyse your real daily needs. Maybe your current phone will last another year and give good service.

Short term boost.

Why not instead add some SD memory to boost the storage and maybe look at removing unused or little used apps that hog that  memory space and ad to the consumption of CPU resources (and battery). Maybe just replace the battery with a new one if it is beginning to loose its charge.

If you really must upgrade, then consider what will happen to your old phone.

Avoid at all costs just dumping it.

This is an environmental disaster. Imagine if all us 2+ Billion users just dumped our old phones? Where would they all go? This video is a stark reminder of the scale of the problem. Mobile Phone recycling is a serious business and getting more important with every new phone release.

So see if you can give  or donate your phone to others  (maybe your kids, relatives, friends) who will continue to use them.

Mobile Phone Recycling

Next best option is to offer it to any of the Mobile Phone recycling schemes (either in-store recycle bins or charity collections). Many charities now work with the Mobile operators to recover older models and put them to use again or recycle the valuable parts.  Your much loved mobile handset will either be re-used by them or  by their target audiences (e.g. third world populations, aid workers, social schemes.) They will also ensure that when the physical phone is recycled that the elements that are of value are captured and recycled. They will also ensure that batteries and other toxic elements are disposed of correctly.

You are still contributing to the mobile phone mountain, but not as much.

Final question.

So ask yourself this. Is the cost of upgrading ( spending over €550 for iPhone 7, plus wireless earphones of €180) really is worth the extra features you may not even use ? Perhaps your current phone will work fine for another year and you may then look at the iPhone8?

You will help keep that Mobile Phone Mountain from growing for another while and your wallet from getting considerably lighter.