Incinerator permission – a Toxic Decision

Today the clouds were in the early morning sky for the first time in 4 days. They brought more than a welcome shade, however. As I listened to the early radio news, my day was shocked into disbelief by a Toxic Decision.  After 17 years of refusals, by three inspectors reports and over 30,000 objections, An Bord Pleanala has relented and overruled their own expert’s report yet again. This time granting Permission to Indaver Ireland to build a 240,000 tonne merchant Incinerator next door to the National Maritime College of Ireland in Cork. See news story here.

This is indeed a momentous blunder from An Bord Pleanala to overule all 3 Inspectors reports advising REFUSAL of this Hazardous and Municipal Waste Incinerator.

The sh*t has just hit the fan in Cork and it will have some serious consequences.

This Incinerator project has been discussed and refused on numerous grounds since 2001. The Planning Bord are sending the complete wrong signal to Irish people – saying ignore ZERO WASTE and just create all the waste you want and we will simply burn it and dump the Toxic ashes in Landfills (at a profit for burner people).

This mindset is 20 years behind the current EU thinking here and completely at variance with the EU Circular Economy policies.

It’s early day’s yet as we have yet to see the inspectors report when it is published and the full text of the decision so more info when it comes to hand……now is the time to get super organized and stop this at every stage.

This is a big middle finger up to Zero Wasters everywhere courtesy of our bureaucrats. The big Burner will be competing for all sorts of recycling materials as RDF fuel to keep the burners busy (making money from you and I).

More info on Incinerator application.

To get info directly from the website search under PA0045: Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork.

Message in a file name?

Methinks the Incinerator application is appropriately named as I expect a P45 will be directed at local government TDs in the 2 Dail Constituencies involved at the next election.