Climate Change Protests

Nothing matters. Nothing really matters. Nil, nada, nothing, zero!.

Zero Waste living within a circular economy is fundamental to tackling climate change and environmental degradation. So actions matter. Zero, ie. no Waste of our resources, our energy, our food and our time. Proper use of our planet’s resources will limit the wasteful excesses that have accumulated around us. We need to stop setting new goals, making new plans and missing our targets. We’ve had enough and we really want results, impacts.

So it’s understandable to find thousands of events planned around the world today. Together they bring humanity together and tell our political laggards (they are not leaders are they?) that we’ve had enough of the talk, false promises and influence of the vested interests. We want results and we’re fed up waiting.

We have Zero patience remaining and we will have zero tolerance for any more political procrastination.

Zero Waste Alliance Ireland welcomes the climate protest marches today, 20 Sept 2019, in Ireland. Drawing attention to the climate emergency is indeed an important thing to do. We are right to protest in a loud and visible manner.

Between 1990 and 2018 we have doubled the amount of emissions to atmosphere and our environment. That’s the opposite of what we need to do.

Some precautions.

If possible, take these precautions to show you practice what you preach:

  1. use public transport to and from the event (and as often as possible thereafter) 
  2. use recycled materials to make protest materials (and bring them back again)
  3. take your litter with you. In fact wherever you’re protesting, pick up any other litter that’s there and take it back with you also
  4. bring along your own reusable cup (like an eCupán or Keepcup) and bottle and only buy your drinks at a Cafe that supports the #ConsciousCup campaign and
  5. get water refills from #Refill supported locations.

Zero Wasters become Waste Warriors

Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle is a part of the answer to climate change. Take personal responsibility for your waste creation. Resolve to waste less and cut out food, water and energy waste. It will go a long way to spread the word that we can fight climate change together. Today’s the day that we need to become waste warriors. How? By taking a more aggressive and forceful stand to ensure that society adopts a zero-waste lifestyle. Fight aggressively against pollution and needless waste of resources, especially energy, to keep the climate change impacts to a minimum.

Self-question time

Ask yourself if a middle-class lifestyle of multiple overseas holidays a year by air travel is sustainable? Likewise the campaigners on the streets today protesting need to examine their own lifestyle. For example

  1. Are they getting a lift to school every day in a private car where they could walk or get public transport? 
  2. Are they using technology like mobile phones, laptops personal gaming devices that are made from non-renewable, rare-earth metals, scarce resources? Do they need to update/upgrade so often?
  3. Are they keeping up with fast fashion where they could be buying slow fashion (old fashion from pre-owned sources) and reusing/sharing and retaining clothes for much longer?

It’s a whole question of making little changes by lots of people. Together they make a big impact. Let’s make it last !

Enjoy the day!