Ethical Clothes For Little Zero Wasters


Cool, ethical clothes for little ZERO WASTERS

We recently covered the rise of slow fashion and extolled zero wasters to cut out fast fashion purchases wherever possible in favour of ethical clothes. Well, coincidentally, last week we had the pleasure of meeting award winning ethical clothes designer, Alison Mc Evoy. She produces award-winning organic clothing & accessories for children and adults. All are designed & made ethically in Ireland for the Circular Economy era.

“Ethical production of our ethical clothes, in a zero waste manner is at the core of what we do,” say’s Alison. “It’s not a new trend. It’s the only sustainable way forward”. Her production uses only Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton.

2700 litres of water are needed to make one normal conventional cotton t-shirt. With organic cotton it takes just 200 litres. That’s a 93% saving!

Just imagine if all fast fashion brands used organic cotton. It would make a huge contribution back to the global water table, cut waste water and reduce the harmful use of chemicals and herbicides.

What’s GOTS certification ?

Using GOTS certified organic cotton, means that the cloth is 95% organic and recyclable. It also certifies that the production workers are working in a suitable, non-hazardous environment. In addition, it verifies that the production waste water is treated prior to discharge or reused where possible.

GOTS certifies ethical clothes materials

All of the AaMcEvoy products are made in Ireland along Zero Waste principles. Alison is closely involved in the process, from the cloth delivery, laying it out, to cutting and sewing it and minimizing waste along the whole process. All surplus cotton and offcuts are reused or recycled.

Since setting up in 2017, Alison has collected some awards along her journey, her most recent being a Bronze Medal at the National Startup Awards 2019. McEvoy is now in the process of expanding her business from childrens ethical ranges to meet the demands of eco conscious adults. So watch out for some exciting new styles.

Where to find the clothes.

AAMcEvoy have just launched in Clifftops, Liscannor, Co. Clare and will be launching with Kilkenny Shop this month in Dublin, Kilkenny and Cork. AAMcEvoy will also be taking part in a design fair in Hen’s Teeth, Blackpitts, Dublin on March 21 & 22.

The list of retailers/boutiques offering her clothes is continually expanding so find out where’s the closest to you by visiting her website or just buy online from her store.

More info.

All AAMcEvoy pieces are available from Follow AAMcEvoy on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @AAMcEvoyIreland.

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