ZWAI Showcases Environmental Poetry Readings in ATD’s Creative Pathways to Participation Project

We were recently delighted to be included in All Together in Dignity’s Creative Pathways to Participation Project in which two of our members, Jack O’Sullivan and Craig Tobin Dower, included their environmental poetry. This project aims to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals through the lens of social inclusion, and is a collaborative effort combining poetry, art and writing. See below the individual clips of our members, which can also be viewed as part of the full film on the ATD website.

ZWAI member Jack O’Sullivan reading his poems “Sea Tangle”, “Trees”, “The Peopled Forest” and “Bog, for Aishling Muller”
ZWAI member Craig Tobin Dower reading his poem “Black Friday Tree”

Watch the full film here:

Thank you to ATD Ireland for the chance to participate in this wonderful project, and thank you to Coalition 2030 for bringing our organisations together. The whole film can be viewed on the ATD website here and is a beautiful example of people coming together from different backgrounds and creating something powerful through creativity.