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Articles Shared by Our Members 

Sharing Interesting News and Spreading the Word

We like our members to get involved as much as possible and we want to stay up to date with the media. We value the participation of our members and love hearing their insights on relevant news topics. See some articles shared by our members below!

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The Role of the Waste Management Office
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Chemicals and Plastics in the Environment
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Food Waste in Ireland 
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Irish firms soak up circular economy profits
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Can ireland feed itself? Yes.
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Great News for Northern Ireland: Planning permission for waste plant in Mallusk, County Antrim, refused
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A Plastic Bag’s 2,000-Mile Journey Shows the Messy Truth About Recycling


Ireland is facing a litmus test of our commitment to serious climate action Taoiseach’s legacy and Eamon Ryan’s political purpose on the line as Ministers negotiate sectoral pollution targets


An Taisce challenges State nitrates plan over concern for waterways

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