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We offer a list of useful documents links to other organisations that might help you find some useful
information and resources related to Zero Waste activities.

All-island Implementation of the Aarhus Convention, by ZWAI member Alison Hough (principal investigator) 

Aarhus .png

This report by Alison Hough, among others, summarises the research carried out for the project ‘Finding Common Ground: Towards All-island implementation of the
Aarhus Convention’. This project set out to explore issues with all island implementation of the Aarhus Convention and what role an all-island ‘Aarhus Centre’ might play in this. This was done through the preparation of draft desk-based reports on Aarhus Convention implementation in Ireland and Northern Ireland which were put out to
consultation. Stakeholder consultations were held in each jurisdiction, supported by survey collection. This study shows that there are significant issues with implementation of the Convention across all areas and in both jurisdictions, but that the Aarhus Convention holds immense potential as a tool for enhancing the coherence of all-island
environmental governance. An Aarhus Centre could provide a potential focal point for cross-border policy coordination as well as addressing gaps in implementation and capacity building.

Read the report here. 

World Water Day March 22nd  2022: A Message from the European Environment Agency 

In light of world water day 2022, we would like to share with you all a publication by the EEA on groundwater which is a key resource under pressure. Some very informative and important key points made. Read the document below:  

In September 2013, the world’s leading scientists published the most comprehensive and authoritative report on climate change ever written. Its findings should be seen as a call to action for governments around the world. The report is put together by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and is a collaboration of 800 experts from around the world, integrating the research of more than 9,000 studies.

2013 recycling incentives in the UK


The Serco commissioned Eunomia Research & Consultancy explore the effect of incentives and reward schemes on recycling rates in over 30 boroughs across the UK.

Download PDF [PDF, 101 KB].  For a copy of the full report and more details please see

Useful Links

We offer a list of useful links to other organizations that might help you find some information and resources related to Zero Waste activities.


 Aarhus Guide. (This is Good background reading to know your rights to access Environmental Information in the EU.)


Guide to Handling, Disposing and Recycling Asbestos
Check out the useful guide by the Mesothelioma center in Orlando:


EU Related

Circular Economy useful reference links.


  • Stop Food Waste

  • Local Authority Prevention Network

  • Green Home  (An Taisce)

  • Green Business Initiative

  • Green Hospitality Award

  • Green Healthcare Project

  • Green Schools


  • Irish Zero Waste Facebook Group

More websites, blogs, books and other Things that we have found helpful:

Bea Johnsons Zero Waste lifestyle site Zero Waste Home


The ultimate list of ZW product swaps to enhance your ZW Life.  Kathryn Kellogg’s ZW Lifestyle blog

Some Zero Waste themed Books

Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson –

Your personal  ‘bible’ of zero waste living. It’s  the Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life, Bea loves minimalism but she emphasizes making sure that this ‘lifestyle’ suits you and works around your own life. We’re all different so there are options for everyone to blend in. Take it as far as you can and don’t get upset if you can’t be perfect every day.

The Organically Clean Home by Becky Rapinchuk –

Brief recipes for making your own home-made cleaning products. You don’t need a myriad of different types of cleaning products for every room in your house.  A core set of ingredients like Vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice will handle almost everything! Rapinchuk gives some good tips on cleaning with basic ingredients so you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Green Living For Dummies by Liz Barclay and Michael Grosvenor –

A very practical guide with an array of realistic practices and changes you can make to help the environment and create a better home for yourself and your loved ones. It showas easy and innovative ways to make a difference by reducing energy use and waste, scaling back reliance on your car, and even making minor adjustments to your diet.


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