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A Word in Solidarity With Ukraine

ZWAI would like to express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We advocate for peace and prosperity and our hearts are with the Ukrainian people during this difficult and traumatic time. We strongly condemn​​ the Russian military aggression of Ukraine and express our unwavering support for Ukrainians, their sovereignty and their freedom. We would like to share with you all the recent EEB's Statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine (March 2022), as well as a heart wrenching article by Kristoffer Tigue for Inside Climate News who shares with us the story of Natalia Gozak, executive director of Ecoaction, one of Ukraine’s largest environmental nonprofits. See the documents below 💚 :

EEB's Statement:

2022-03-03 EEB Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, March 2022
Download PDF • 178KB

Article by Kristoffer Gozak:

2022-03-22 War’s Toll on Ukraine’s Once Vibrant Environmental Movement
Download PDF • 524KB


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